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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things Issue 76 October


When all around is setting seed and shutting up shop for the dark months ahead, it’s tempting to follow nature’s lead and hunker down too. But look at what else this month offers – spectacular colours to inspire redecorating, fun in the form of spooky stories, and a harvest rich in fruit, nuts and vibrant squashes. Time to spend a busy afternoon in a steamed-up kitchen as the light fades. Self-care in autumn means nourishing your mind and body by looking out rather than in. And possibly buying a pair of new boots...

New ways with vine fruits and hazelnuts. Appreciating trees. Liquorice toffees & spooky songs. Why we love autumn colours. How to be more positive. Boston in the fall, Style from St Petersburg and Constable country. Silhouette portraits. Writers' pets

Join us for autumn moments, fruits of the season & people doing good. We're liking moles, apple crumble cake and orderly wardrobes.

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