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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things Issue 85


Holiday reading & the scent of lavender. Spanakopita.

Coincidences at museums. Street trees and the wonder of bees.

A library of things. Evenings in the garden.

Slow boating, holiday snaps & songs about dogs

What does the word embrace say to you? If it’s a hot summer’s day then you may want be the person embracing (or, more accurately, devouring) the orange lolly on our cover. Or it may conjure up a memory of a passionate clinch, a familial embrace or simply a welcome hug from a friend. In this issue we’re also embracing our bodies, right here, right now; embracing a life you dream of and embracing what’s on our doorstep. The word is merely the jumping-in point, where it takes you is up to you.

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