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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things issue 91 January

How to thrive in winter. Botanical pick-me-ups & vegan comfort food.
Ethical spending. Citrussy cooking. Soups and snacks for the trail. How to make a time capsule. Cold weather salves.When snowdrops unfurl their green shoots in winter, we should see it as a sign; they have spent the summer and autumn replenishing their stores in order to burst forth, renewed and ready for the new year.

January feels less a time for decisions, resolutions and big changes, than for looking ahead and letting those hopes and dreams be spoken out loud. If your own stores are not feeling as topped up as our snowdrops, this month is good for some quiet R&R.

Embrace a winter festival or two, go on a field trip to appreciate your home town, drop everything for a snow day, or cheer up yourself and your kitchen with some citrussy projects. Fresh ideas are always a good way to start the year.

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