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The Simple Things

The Simple Things July Issue 97

UNWIND with the new July issue of The Simple Things. Full of r&r, good things to eat, satisfying projects and sound advice.
Your monthly guide to living well.
Summer is a time for rest and recreation, when we traditionally take a break from life’s routine and slowly unwind. But when the days and weeks seem largely on repeat and there’s little new in the diary, we need to embrace creative ways to relax.
We’re seeking out beauty in edgelands and walking our neighbourhoods, trying
new projects and giving hulahooping a go.
It’s these little ideas that spark bigger change and for some it’s about switching on (rather than switching off) that gives them purpose. A good cry can help, too. However you unwind this summer,there’s never been a better time to find small things that make your day stand out.
That’s how good memories are made.
UNWIND – Snacks & siestas. Scrapbook your summer. Homemade espadrilles Why we love a puffin. Exploring edgelands. Having a good cry. DIY ice lollies & a sour cherry cocktail. How to bring change. Composting, cloud-watching and dinosaur hunting.

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