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The Simple Things

The Simple Things May Issue 95

The Simple Things May Issue 95 Scrapbook Edition
INSPIRE – A homemade care package full of ways to feel better and nice things to do Ideas for slowing down, enjoying what you have and making the most of where you live.
Special scrapbook edition featuring our favourite storecupboard cooking, homemade projects, bedtime stories and veg patch advice.
Plenty of comfort, calm and cheer PLUS A 12-page compendium of puzzles, games, amazing facts and forgotten wisdom.
We made this scrapbook edition out of necessity but we’re really rather proud of it. ‘Proudly homemade’, as we like to say. In fact, literally homemade, as we created it from our kitchen tables and sofas in social isolation.
We hope you enjoy it and that it helps you take time to live well.

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