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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things November Issue 77

We read to know we’re not alone, someone wise once wrote. And while being together is often about an actual gathering – enjoying fireworks, food and fun this month, for example – that connectedness we feel with others can also come through shared experiences. A book appreciated, an era remembered, spectacles of nature admired. Embrace time alone, too, in a space of your own, to make gifts and treats for the coming festivities. Relish that glow of satisfaction at something proudly homemade.

TOGETHER – November 2018 – issue 77

A bonfire feast & hot choc chai. Odes to autumn. Tea towel art. Why we love a red squirrel. Making succulents. Good bookshops & reading nooks. Stir-up Sunday. Filling the winter pantry. How to be more frugal. Frida Kahlo style

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