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Iceberg Press

The Simple Things October Issue 88

Autumn is a season to inspire creativity: the explosion of colour, darker indoor evenings that lend themselves to kitchen-table projects and a harvest of fruit, nuts and veg that call out to be pickled, preserved or simply served up for supper.

What you create depends on what ticks your boxes. But the end result doesn’t have to be perfect or prize-winning (in fact, we have a ban on the word ‘perfect’ in The Simple Things) – it’s the process that is enjoyable.

If creativity is about using your imagination to make something new, who says it also has to be something ground-breaking? New-to-you is satisfying in itself.

There are lots of ‘proudly homemade’ ideas in this issue, whether you like to write or draw, make or knit, grow or cook.

Spend a little time with the magazine and let a project take shape.

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