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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 101 November 2020

SPARK – Magical pickles & homemade gifts. Cosy hearths. The people who cheer us up. Sweet chestnut traybake and Cattern cakes. Why we love corduroy. How to speak up and out. Wool graffiti. Firelight, fungi & fortune telling

All you need is a spark. A spark is an idea that you can kindle and grow. It takes time and tending but your warm glow, when it catches hold, will come from within. And the calm month of November offers the slow-burn space needed to think and create. Homemade gifts, an afternoon spent pickling, or just pondering and planning, are all welcome pastimes when the skies darken and the nights grow longer. However, if you prefer your sparks and fires real rather than metaphorical, autumn delivers those, too. A season for all wo(men) then – you can smell the woodsmoke already.

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