Iceberg Press

The Simple Things September Issue 99

How to replace a hug. A picnic under the apple trees.
Favourite tarts & quirky carpets. Surprising stories at stately homes.
End-of-summer lasagne & doughnut popcorn. Early bird or night owl?
Why we love an attic. Good mood foods.
Wiggle room for worms

Our sense of touch is powerful, so when permission to physically touch friends and family is taken away, we mourn it.
But the word has other meanings too – keeping in touch has never been more important, while a nice touch such as a jug of dahlias on the table can lift our spirits.
A touch of genius, when used for good, is inspiring, and there are many small ways to touch someone’s heart. In this state of ‘together, but separate’ that we are living in, being sociable and companionable will surely see us through.
September stands fornew beginnings and usually gives us a sense of purpose and a zeal for getting things done; this year, it’s OK to not know what happens next.
Living in the moment has been forced upon us but it may well be something we grow to embrace and appreciate.
We all need a touch of everyday magic.

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