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Pics & Ink

Travel Bundle

We've teamed up with two of our favourite indie mag publishers who are offering their very first issues for a great price. 

Get Volume 1 of Tonic Magazine AND Issue 1 of JRNY magazine for just £20. (That's a £15 saving)

About the mags:

TONIC- Great storytelling about drink, travel and adventure. Travel writing at its most entertaining and independent; convivial, fun well-researched and full of facts you never knew. Volume 1 brings you the history of rum in Haiti, drinking culture in North Korea, home-grown liquor in 1980s Zimbabwe, and rappers and their expensive champagne.

JRNY - The inaugural issue of JRNY is a 250 page doorstopper of a magazine, with cinematic images from incredible places like Bhutan, Venice Carnival, the Banana Islands of Sierra Leone and the Yorkshire Wolds Way to name but a few. Each location is introduced with some need-to-know facts then dives into immersive and engaging storytelling

Due to the size and weight of these magazines, please allow an extra day for delivery.


Read more about these mags on the blog:

A Pics & Ink Guide to Travel Mags

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