The Disco Mag 2

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The Disco Mag 2

The Dancing Queen issue celebrates ideas of youth and disco. Throughout this issue we explored what it means to be a dancing queen through our own experiences of growing up or sexuality. 

Issue #2 of course features our classic quizzes, music recommendations and DIY’s dedicated to the disco culture.

Featuring amazing powerful women Mia Williams (aka MadSeventies) and Florence Given. 


The Disco #2 features:

  • Florence Given
  • Fashion & Styling Tips
  • Mia Williams aka MadSeventies
  • Lots of ABBA (obviously)
  • Quizzes & horoscopes
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The Disco is a brainchild of vintage and disco culture enthusiasts, who everyday express their creativity in many different forms - styling, writing, directing and producing. In their free time they like to imagine how their life would like if they could party like in the 70s.


The Disco grew out of our love for print, vintage and analogue forms of production. With nostalgia, we aim to bring back what we loved about magazines as kids or teens. We want to inspire disconnecting from what’s online and getting back in touch with our creative selves just like we did as children. 


For this reason we focus on featuring analogue photography that is inspired by the past as well as fun features that will remind you of those guilty pleasure magazines you read when you were 14. Within The Disco you’ll find everything from articles, fashion editorials to quizzes and DIY projects.