The Simple Things Issue 63

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The Simple Things Issue 63

HOME – Mellow crafternoons & weekend brunch. Vintage shopping. Making

succulent art and iced espresso smoothies. Why worrying can make you happy.

Coffee cake. Appreciating Venice. The comfort of things.

September 2017

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Taking time to live well

The Simple Things is published monthly and is all about taking time to live well.

We celebrate slowing down, enjoying what you have, making the most of where you live, enjoying the company of friends and family, and feeding them well. We like to grow some of our own vegetables, visit local markets, rummage for vintage finds, and decorate our home with the plunder. We love being outdoors and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

And we like to think that the small things we do will make a difference in the long run – whether that’s making, upcycling, growing, cooking, entertaining, escaping or relaxing.