The Simple Things Issue 75

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The Simple Things Issue 75

Thereʼs an energy that arrives with September; an urge to learn, to make, to

buy but also to restore order after a laissez-faire summer. The satisfaction of a

job well done can cheer up any chore and brings a chance to enjoy favourite

parts of your home at their best. Take time, too, to appreciate the lingering

season before autumn proper. Itʼs a month for outdoor swimming; harvesting

peppers, chillies and tomatoes; long walks and weekends away. Restorative

quiet never felt so good.

RESTORE – favourite rooms & stove pot coffee. Secret railways. Ethical fashion

explained. A weekend in Morocco. Sharing a car boot banquet. What your

handwriting says about you. Night hikes & treasure hunts. Why we love

handmade things. Good newsletters for life. Mindful horoscopes for autumn.

September 2018

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Taking time to live well

The Simple Things is published monthly and is all about taking time to live well.

We celebrate slowing down, enjoying what you have, making the most of where you live, enjoying the company of friends and family, and feeding them well. We like to grow some of our own vegetables, visit local markets, rummage for vintage finds, and decorate our home with the plunder. We love being outdoors and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

And we like to think that the small things we do will make a difference in the long run – whether that’s making, upcycling, growing, cooking, entertaining, escaping or relaxing.