Creative Countryside Issue 4

  • 1 min read

“Creative Countryside is a magazine to get lost in. It’s easily done if you’re someone who is at home amongst nature, is all ears when it comes to folklore and fully embraces each changing season.

Issue 4, was my first issue and Creative Countryside’s fourth. This volume embraces all things summer. It’s beautifully written at a gentle pace with carefully considered imagery to accompany each feature. Divided into , , and it’s an easy magazine to dip in and out of.

Favourite articles for me included ‘’ — all about the idea of a 5–9 adventure — and ‘’ — a lovely read about the charm and beauty of the Isle of Wight. There’s an inspiring feature on ‘Slow Food’, a recipe for ‘’ and for early risers, an article on ‘’. I’m most certainly not an early-riser, but having read this feature I feel I may set my alarm a little earlier.

It is clearly apparent that Creative Countryside is created with much love, care and dedication. It is, without any doubt, a magazine I will be indulging in again”.

Louise Gorrod.

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