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Magazine distribution hasn’t really changed for 100 years. Magazines have.

We exist because we publish our own independent magazines and we know that in order to survive and create a large audience for our titles we need a new way to sell.

We are stronger together.

Our aim is twofold:

1)    To offer potential magazine readers an introduction to the world of independent magazines. We want to grow the entire readership of independent magazines because we believe that there is a generation of potential readers who don’t have easy access to quality magazines – the ones you tend not to find in your local newsagent. We are evangelical so we want to do more than simply display your front covers – we want to help guide our customers to new magazines, give them a flavor for what’s inside and inspire them to try a few. We will push independent magazines both through our advertising, marketing and affiliate programs, and through exhibitions, shows and festivals, alongside PR and word of mouth.

2)    To treat publishers fairly. We take 35% of the cover price of your title and you get the rest. For that we market, sell, store and post your magazines out. We also take really good care of them. Equally importantly is that we’ll pay you fast – we know you need to see a return as quickly as possible. If we don’t sell all the copies you supply or you want some back – no problem. Just pay for return shipping and they are yours.

To join us, just email your interest to David@picsandink.com and we’ll be in touch.