Inside the mind of Kanis Majoris

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Ok, so we're definitely not psychiatric professionals, but we thought, what better way to help you get to know the mags on our shelves, than to sit them down for a Rorschach inkblot test and give you a glimpse into the way they tick?

First up, is the quirky, fun and unequivocally unique, Kanis Majoris magazine. 

Kanis Majoris is unlike any other on our shelves. Inside issue 1, you'll find an introduction to speaking Korean, facts about the Solar System and the Chinese Calendar, a run down of the 50 best movies in the last decade, tech nostalgia, interviews with adventure chasers and a selection of the internet's most niche websites. There are also riddles, crosswords and quizzes, and Kanis sort of, well, talks to you the whole way through, making it a rather interactive reading experience.  

We sat down with a copy and showed it a few ink blot pictures. This is what it saw:

This one looks like a shadowy, evil figure with some kind of weapon
of mass destruction either side of him. Kind of reminds me of
the villain from Samurai Jack. Anyone remember that show? 

Okay, this one is simple. Come on. It’s obviously two mama
koalas each with a baby koala on her back. Isn’t it obvious?
And yes, both the mama koalas look exactly alike for some
reason. As do the babies. That’s nature, I suppose.


Either a bird or a plane? I don’t know.
Probably neither. 


I like this one. Okay, so this one looks to me like the
evil tower of Sauron from Lord of the Rings (a lot of
references to evil, powerful characters today, huh?)
and for some reason it’s grown giant, lobster-like claws
that are reaching out towards us. Creepy, I know.


This one just looks like a butterfly that
somebody stepped on. Poor butterfly.

Two chess players facing each other as they each think
about their next move. No? You don’t see it?
Okay, what do you see then? Oh, God. Really?
That is really disturbing. I think you need to see someone.
As do I, I think.


Kanis Majoris is the progeny of Hamza Javaid. The first issue is in the shop now. 



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