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'Nature is life’ as the editor says at the beginning and we really do notice it in Spring with the daffs and the cherry blossom, don’t we?

Bloom is about nature, and gardening, and cool plants with amazing properties, and amazing people encouraging biodiversity, rewilding and access to nature for all.

This issue has had me thinking about the human connection to stone, noticing patches of green space around my neighbourhood and learning about how to use industrial waste to make places greener. I also loved the stories of the modern farmers in this issue and the ways they’re doing things differently. 

It has given me a whole lot of 'could dos.’ Maybe I’ll forage some dandelion leaves this month and make some honey, dry some daisies in the summer for a table decoration, plant some wormwood and make my own absinthe or try out the wildflower border in the garden (maybe at some point...when I get a garden). 

Overall, though, the whole issue is giving me an urge to get outside and appreciate the world around me…and maybe take a trowel to do a bit of renegade rewilding down the street, too… 


Get yourself a copy!

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