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Ethos…a blimmin' good read

Stories of good businesses around the world

Sometimes we can get weighed down by the thought that the world is run by these huge companies that just don’t care – they pump sewage into the water, don’t check that their car boots won’t slice your fingers off (looking at you Elon), and up the prices while reducing their services. It’s bleak out there.

But, a lovely little oasis in this landscape is Ethos Magazine. It’s got a little bit of a lifestyle feel with some travel (there’s a nice trip to Tunis in issue 20), a bit of wellbeing (understanding what kicks off your anxiety for example) and even some book recommendations from the team, but Ethos’ bread and butter is highlighting gooood business.

People doing awesome things

This includes people doing awesome things for the people and the planet. In issue 20, there’s a story on Jodi Ann Bickley who sends handwritten letters of encouragement to anyone in need (6,000 so far…) and they look at The Big Issue and how their international news service is going strong and moving with the times.


There also tends to be a profile on a big company that is shaking things up - they’ve featured Patagonia, Kickstarter and Brompton in previous issues. In issue 20, they profile the brilliant Too Good To Go, the app that lets users pick up food cheap from cafes and restaurants that would otherwise go to waste (our tip: the Too Good To Go bag at the Southbank Centre café is particularly good). It’s a great feature too, as they chat to founder, Jamie Crummie about how the idea started, its impact and the wider issues of food waste.

Shaking things up

Then, usually there’s a feature or two on a completely barmy but brilliant idea. In the last issue, there was a revolutionary idea about rewarding consumers with access to exclusive products by working with local communities  (we enjoyed the idea of people having to give back to their local neighbourhood in order to have access to the latest trendy trainers) and in this issue, it’s a new social media app that pays you for watching ads and promises to actually stop hate speech. We’ve just downloaded it and earnt 9p for charity! You can read all about how it works in the latest issue.

Warm and fuzzy (and well-informed)

In summary, Ethos is a bit of a lift. It deals with grown up things like business and sustainability, but somehow it avoids being dull or difficult to get into because really it’s mostly about people. People doing good stuff.

Give it a go if you like Positive News or The Beautiful Truth.



Issue 20 is in the shop now and you can also browse our collection of back issues in our Ethos collection here. 


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