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Ethos Magazine Issue 15

Now more than ever, we know we have to shape up. For the future of the planet, we need to delete words like fast and disposal from our collective vocabulary. That's why we need Ethos. It's a very smart indie mag about life and work with one core thread running through it: sustainability. It champions people and brands doing things differently, it bigs up the products and businesses making small changes on a daily basis and chews over the radical ideas that could change the game. If you're passionate about making the world a more sustainable place and want a slice of optimistic action, Ethos is a great place to start.

We asked editor and co-founder, Fiona Shaw and fellow co-founder, Andrew Beattie ten quickfire questions to introduce you to the team behind this fantastic mag. 

1. What’s your perfect Sunday?

Fiona: A morning swim or tennis match – it’s late summer or early autumn in my perfect Sunday world, and a crisp dog walk in one of our local parks. Then back home to a roast dinner with friends – roasts are always better at home – and a film in the evening.

2. If you were a dog breed, what would you be and why?

Fiona: A scrappy mongrel, just like mine. Unique and resilient!
Andrew: I’d be whatever dog breed most resembles a cat and I’d split my time between eating, sleeping, playing and asking for hugs.
3. Who’d be at your fantasy dinner party?

Fiona: Jurgen Klopp, David Bowie and Kate Moss
Andrew: Jurgen Klopp, (Fantastic) Mr. Fox, Haruki Murakami, Jonathan Ames, my parents, and the Obamas
4. Ashamed to say I had to look up Jurgen Klopp. Incredibly successful Liverpool Manager. Got it. What would you spend £100 on?

Fiona: A long, languid meal with friends and family
Andrew: Currently, Pokemon cards for my son, and books and stationery for me.
5. What’s worth fighting for?

Fiona: Not petrol
Andrew: Family and friends. Equality, fairness and justice. The type of world I’d like my son to grow up in.
6. What should everyone try once?

Fiona: Cold water swimming
Andrew: Sharing. And the eel sushi from Etsu, a Japanese restaurant in Liverpool.
7. Describe yourself in three words.

Andrew: Work in progress
8. How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse?

Andrew: Pretty well. I have a plan.
9. Haha. What three things would you want on a desert island?

Andrew: A pile of books, a bottle of rum and a football.
10. Finally, who would enjoy reading Ethos?

Fiona: Optimists, or anyone feeling the need for a bit of uplifting.
Andrew: Optimists and the adventurous

Thanks to editor and co-founder, Fiona Shaw and fellow co-founder, Andrew Beattie for taking time to chat to We Heart Print. Ethos Issue 15 has just arrived in the shop. Check it out here. £12

Inside issue 15...


Inside issue 15 of Ethos Magazine  Inside issue 15 of Ethos Magazine  Inside issue 15 of Ethos Magazine  Inside issue 15 of Ethos Magazine

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