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Sister is a lovely object to hold in your hands, small format, matte pages and a lovely mix of features.  It champions feminism, marginalised genders rights and culture, seeking out lesser told stories and people putting their stamp on the world. There’s a balance of the more serious with the more whimsical and is equally engaging whether its talking about the rise of crochet or climate action, drag or the housing crisis.  Aimed mostly at 20 somethings, it’s a really lovely mag, fostering a sense of community, action and collaboration.


With a new issue out after a two year gap, we asked editor, Beccy Hill all about the mag…

You’ve been going for 10 years! Congratulations. Who is the team behind Sister?

Thank you! Sister is made up of myself, our amazing art director Katy Roughton, and two editorial assistants Laura Molloy and Georgia Healey. Rosie Ellis also helps out with the online side of things. 

And what sparked the idea and made you want to start a magazine, and a printed one at that?

I was studying Fashion Journalism at university, and I had to make a magazine for my final major project in my last year. Even though (ten years ago!) I was advised against doing a print magazine in an ever-growing digital landscape, I knew I wanted to focus on creating something physical. Like a vinyl record or a film photograph, a print magazine captures a moment in time that can't be edited or deleted (for better or worse, as there's always a typo somewhere). It just feels so much more special and tangible.   

Who is Sister mag made for?

Our mission has always been to champion the rights of women and the LGBTQIA+ community, and to fuse that activism with fashion and culture. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then it's for you. 

All the stories in issue 12  seemed were pretty inspiring or sparked some curiosity for me. I wanted to start crocheting, actually go to a climate action meeting, and get another tattoo all in the space of about 30 minutes. What makes a Sister-worthy story?

Haha, that's amazing feedback to hear! I guess anything that's a little under the radar and isn't being spoken about elsewhere. Also, anything slow — being a print publication, we can really take our time to explore what we're interested in, and not scramble for time sensitive stories. 

In the editor’s letter, you mention the difficulties of weathering the pandemic. How does it feel having a new issue out after a two-year break?

Kind of surreal, it seems like such a long time since the last issue in 2020. This was also such a difficult issue to get over the finish line — our regular printers closed down in the pandemic, for example. Finding a new one, combined with a multitude of other things (cover star schedules, brand partnerships falling through) means that finally having it out in the world feels like a massive achievement.   

And what’s next for Sister? Any more collaborations planned in the future?

We've just launched a t-shirt with Everpress in honour of World Mental Health Day, which you can get here. 50% of the profits will go to the charity WISH who do amazing work. There's only a couple of weeks in which to get one, so don't sleep on it. 

Before we go, any other indie mags that you love to read?

I'm always on the lookout for new magazines — like books, I'm constantly buying and having them pile up in my office, waiting for me to get around to reading them! I picked up a copy of Broccoli whilst on a trip to New York last month, which I'm excited to get into properly. I always love Season and Bricks — being a part of the indie mag community for so many years means I've gotten to know other founders/editors like me. The way Felicia and Tori engage with their communities is always so inspiring to see.

You can find the new issue here. There are two covers to choose from, climate activist duo, Daze Aghaji and Noga Levy-Rapport, or drag queens, Sigourney Beaver and Saint!

Sister Magazine Issue 12   Sister Magazine Issue 12



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