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Strong Words is punchy new magazine about great books created by Ed Needham, former editor of Rolling Stone. Published nine times a year, each issue features over 100 titles, digested and reviewed by Ed across all genres and styles. It's a seriously impressive feat and a really good read - witty, unpretentious and just oozing with a love of books. We asked Ed a few questions to give you a glimpse into the mind that makes this brilliant mag...
Strong Words Magazine Issue 30
  1. Thank you for answering these qus, Ed. I'm not quite sure where you find the time, but it's much appreciated! Let's dive in. Quick fire style. What’s your perfect Sunday?

Strong Words is a seven-day-a-week operation, but in an ideal world, a walk of punishing distance (25-30 miles), the Times jumbo cryptic and a Campari with my girlfriend.

2. If you were a dog breed, which would you be?

A fox. I admire their ability to become invisible.

3. Nice. Who’d be at your fantasy dinner party?

Three gossipy women.

4. What’s worth fighting for?

Prompt payment of invoices

5. Haha. What do you sing at karaoke?

“I want to know what love is”

6. "I want you to show me." Great choice. What would you spend £100 on?

If found in the street, the gf and I would be going straight out for dinner

7. Fair enough. What should everyone try once?

Whatever terrifies them the most

8. If you had a time machine, when and where would you go?

Andy Warhol’s factory, any time before Valerie Solanas tried to shoot him in 1968.

9. What’s always on your mind?

How to make the world aware of the magnificence of Strong Words, and then how to persuade everyone to subscribe to it.

10. How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse?

 I think I might die of boredom

11. What 3 things would you want on a desert island?

My glasses, a mobile library, a champagne fountain

12. And lastly, who would play you in the movie of your life?

Princess Anne (hard-working, reliable, consistent and an excellent scowl)

Hahaha. Thank you, Ed!

The latest issue of Strong Words is in the shop now, featuring (among many others) a biography of Frank Sinatra 'in the wee small hours,' tales of the dark side of success, and new fiction from the likes of Sebastian Faulks and Colson Whitehead. £6.95

Inside Strong Words Mag Issue 30  Inside Strong Words Mag Issue 30

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