REVIEW: The Gentlewoman

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Deputy editor of The simple Things, Frances Ambler shares her thoughts on the latest issue of The Gentlewoman.

A new issue of The Gentlewoman is always something I look forward to, especially discovering who is the latest cover star. No. 27’s is another inspired choice with Greta Gerwig, and I was interested in finding more about the director / actor (pick up a copy to see exactly why she thinks Barbie is very similar to Little Women…).

As usual with The Gentlewoman, the interviews were great reads – proper meaty introductions to a mix of women you may know, and others that might be less familiar – also including artist Nan Goldin, maths whizz Anne-Marie Imafidon and spice girl Mel C. Then there’s the various tidbits that you find yourself wanting to share with all your mates, like the human benefits of using Uddermint (yes, it’s a product developed for cows…) or that wearing the wrong kind of sports bra can make your running stride up to four centimetres shorter.

It is a fashion magazine – so it’s heavy with glossy adverts – but never falls into the trap of thinking having an interest in fashion somehow curtails having an interest in the rest of the world. And at £10 it’s one of the best value indie magazines out there.

Find No. 27 and browse our collection of back issues here. 


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