Trebuchet 10: Materials II

Trebuchet is a biannual contemporary art magazine which dives deep into artists and their work to explain why it's good, rather than just tell you that it is. 

Materials II explores how different artists approach the use of a specific medium. 

Featuring exclusive interviews, articles and art by:

  • Marina Abramović (The body)
  • Michael Armitage (Wood)
  • Dara Birnbaum (Television)
  • Gerald Chukwuma (Wood)
  • Cerith Wyn Evans (Neon)
  • Crystal Fischetti (Fabric)
  • Sam McKinniss (Celebrity)
  • Ed Ruscha (Words)
  • Sickboy (Spray Paint)
  • Syrett (Nail Varnish) 
  • Edmund de Waal (Porcelain)

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