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The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 122 August

DRIFT – Field days & twilight in the garden. Ginger shandies & seaweed rostis. Mythical reading. Kelp forests. Going barefoot. Pleasure seeking & holiday jotting. Reasons to rewild. Honeysuckle posset. Appreciating a Liberty print. Starfish. Caravans of love

Ideally in August, we’d not work at all – instead we would ‘summer’ at the sea or hide away in the mountains. Days filled with slow, simple pleasures and enjoy long carefree nights. But in the real world, it’s more about taking time now and again to potter and dawdle, to ramble and to drift. There’s no such thing as wasting time in high summer.
Linger in the night garden, seek out a starfish in a rockpool, share a pitcher of shandy as the sun sets, Picnic in a meadow, idle by a brook. The theme here is about going with the flow, not resisting the current. Drifting doesn’t mean you are adrift. With no firm plan in mind, it simply opens the possibility for happy accident, who knows what we will discover when we let go a little.

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