The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 125 November

SOUL Good games for longer nights. Kitchen table gifts. Sloe treacle tart & cranberry tea bread. Starry skies and good bonfires. Seva wisdom. Sowing the seeds of home. Jumper gloves. Spiced pear cordial & rosehip wine. The heart of northern soul. Street life photography. How to change your mind.

There’s something about a good bonfire that stirs the soul and brings a little bit of much-needed magic and mystery to longer nights and darker days. This last month of autumn can sometimes feel merely the waiting room for the lights, drama and action of the festivities to follow. Yet there’s a warmth to November that is about more than lighting a wood-burner and wearing big jumpers (though they are two of the best simple pleasures). We gather our family and friends a little closer at the onset of winter, maybe we reflect a little more, move a little less; appreciating the comforts of hearth and home. The tradition of Thanksgiving this month is one we can all embrace. In the darkest and, for many, the most difficult time of year, being grateful for what we have can provide a positive mindset to carry us through.

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