The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 129 March

LIGHT – Spring rambles (with snacks). Grow your own blossom. Wild garlic salt. How flip thinking helps. Natural illuminations. Tidbits on toast & Greek custard pie. Why we love a silk scarf. Wildflower seed balls. Sarah Raven’s life lessons. Shopping list secrets. Happy feet & daily walks. Knot know-how.

The return of the light never fails us. Spring arrives not with a date on the calendar but when we notice our mornings starting earlier and sunset arriving later. This lightening of our mood, our food and (eventually) our clothes are welcome steps in the seasonal cycle that shapes our lives. And this is true whether you live in the city or country; noticing the world around you transformed on a daily walk, a first outdoor lunch, sprucing up your home, appreciating front garden magnolias in bloom, are rituals and happenings that occur as light and dark find balance at the spring equinox. Just as a restless night becomes easier as dawn breaks, so it is as spring emerges from winter. Our thinking becomes clearer, you might even have a lightbulb moment. Embrace the momentum and march on.

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