Vegan Food & Living

Vegan Food & Living September 2019

The recent rise in popularity of street food has opened us up to a world of flavour possibilities and vegan cooking is definitely making the most of that! In the September issue of Vegan Food & Living we have a delicious selection of vegan street food recipes that you can cook up from the comfort of your own home that will really set your taste buds on fire. From veggie gyoza to Gaz Oakley’s 15-minute nasi goreng, there is plenty to tempt you into the kitchen!

Also this issue, we whip up an Italian feast, make the most of the tastes of the Caribbean and share tasty midweek recipes that are ready in 30 minutes and cheaper than a takeaway.

This month we also introduce our new series: Women On The Frontline Of Animal Advocacy.Over the next three months, we’ll meet some outstanding women who are defying the odds and putting their actions where their beliefs are to help change the lives of animals. This issue we meet three inspiring ladies who have set up their own remarkable sanctuaries.

If that’s not enough, we guide you to better health with a focus on fibre: why you need it and what the best sources are, explore whether coconut oil is a miracle cure or cause for concern and check out that age-old question – can I get enough protein from a vegan diet?

Plus we explore what cruelty-free beauty really means and how to tell if your favourite products are ticking the right boxes, travel the world’s most eco-friendly cities and discover which sources of family entertainment might not actually be suitable for vegans, and what the alternatives are.