Adbusters #163

Adbusters is an international not-for-profit collective based in the US. They have been active since 1989 and been involved with campaigns like Occupy Wall Street and Buy Nothing Day. 

Their goal? "A total reinvention of the political and cultural playbook - to discover new ways to live, love and think."

From the publisher:

This issue of Adbusters is the first of its kind to be published by any magazine in history.

Flesh-and-blood editors gave A.I. image- and text-generators prompts like “ode to the goddess of the metaverse” and “suicide note from the last human being” and “notes from the singularity.” Half of this issue is made up of what popped out the other side of the black box.

The other half is the polar opposite: rough and ragged, like the humans who wrote and painted and photographed and got their meaty thumbs all over everything in it.

The two halves meet in the middle in an almighty clash of ideas — a clash that will shape this century and the next.

It’s a weird, wild, history-making issue. And if we may say so, one of our best yet.


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