Akin Issue 5

Akin is an annual magazine started in 2018 in order "to shine a light on the life of independent creatives, entrepreneurs and consumers, championing the ethos of ‘support your local’."

Akin also opened a physical shop in Norwich Lanes in March 2022 selling independent magazines and holding creative workshops. 

Issue 05 is centred around the theme of new beginnings, challenging them, accepting them and embracing them.


Sam Binstead, Madeleine the Founder of Juni, Stick Ceramics, Vicky Knits, Sarah the Founder of Blackwood, Gemma & Thomas the founders of L’Hexagone & Chueco.

Thought Pieces:

The calm before the new beginning storm | Living off the land when I’ve always lived off other people's couches | The Power of the pack - Saunton Surf Sisters & Moving back home in my 20’s was the fresh start I needed.