Dear Damsels

All The Women She Knows

Dear Damsels is a publishing platform for women's words and stories. Starting with an annual print magazine, Dear Damsels now publish books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from their collective. 

All The Women She Knows is a collection of short stories about growth, change and sisterhood from Tutku Barbaros.

From the publisher:

Eight women are at a crossroads. 

Ash is about to realise an old friend who keeps her waiting might not be worth her endless patience. 

When Ruby moves back in with her mum, chaos gives way to clarity.

Dia is bending under the weight of always, always having to be ‘strong’.

When her body demands she slows down, Jade discovers she can’t outrun herself.

And Rey, after suffering great loss, learns that to move forward, she has to return home – and find out what she really wants.

Through eleven triumphant and relatable short stories, Tutku Barbaros explores the magic that comes from truly knowing ourselves. These are women who are discovering their own paths, in their own ways – and the growing pains and difficult decisions that come with deciding to choose themselves.