Anthology Volume 21

NEW TO US Anthology is a biannual lifestyle magazine from Ireland with a focus on culture, travel and creativity. 

From the publisher:

This issue features the winners of the Anthology Creative Awards, established in 2020 to promote emerging writers and visual artists from around the world...

We explore the rich history, cultural heritage and beautiful scenery of the French Riviera. Our travel stories also feature La Vall de Gallinera, a picturesque valley in the Alicante region of Spain that is renowned for its unspoiled beauty, and Malta, where the inaugural art biennale has drawn inspiration from its geographical location and colonial history.

From the publisher: "We take a stroll along Portabello Road, London, home to many iconic landmarks and attractions. In close proximity to this quaint street lies Blenheim Road, once home to the renowned Yeats family. We present the fascinating story of the talented Yeats sisters, whose remarkable achievements were somewhat overshadowed by their brothers, W.B. and Jack. Their work had a major impact on keeping traditional crafts alive in Ireland.

Continuing with the subject of traditional Irish crafts, we interview fashion designer Helen Hayes, who skilfully incorporates techniques passed down by her ancestors into her contemporary designs.

We journey from Devon, where beavers are making a comeback after 400 years of extinction, to Namibia, where initiatives strive to safeguard the cheetah population. Both of these creatures serve as crucial ecosystem engineers, wielding a profound influence on their surroundings and the diverse wildlife inhabiting them.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating narratives showcased within these pages that celebrate the diverse tapestry of culture, history and natural beauty that enriches our world."

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