Are We Europe

Are We Europe #10 The Sports Issue

Are We Europe is a thematic, quarterly magazine about what it means to be European.

Frustrated with the ways in which European media obsessed over Brussels, Brexit, and breaking news, we bring you borderless journalism from the next generation of storytellers. Our writers, illustrators, and photographers are from all over the continent and beyond, and give you insight into the lives lived and stories told around Europe.

Put all of this in a beautifully designed and carefully curated print publication, and you got yourself a wonderful read.

In this issue:

What can sports tell us about who we are? This magazine is for sports fans and sceptics alike!

Sports are the stuff of nation-building, symbolism, anthems and collective pride. But also of exclusion, violence and collective hysteria. They inspire us to push the limits of human endurance, to seek glory and to suffer losses, but also to express ourselves and get to know our bodies better.

Featured stories

  • How capoeira helped my sister find—and keep—her footing in Europe

  • Meet the Snagglerats, Scotland’s girl skateboarders

  • Line dancing and nostalgia in eastern Germany

  • Building a global warming-proof ski resort in Italy

  • How many Neymars? An infographic about big money in the sports industry


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