Berlin Quarterly

Berlin Quarterly Issue 13

European Review of Culture - A blend of reportage, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, the Berlin Quarterly is a cultural journal with a global perspective

The Thirteenth Issue

Winter 2021

Emmeline Clein reports on the racist and scientifically misguided origins of the body mass index, blending historical research and cultural analysis of pop culture icons, fad diets, and the “obesity epidemic”.

Vikram Kapur writes about the unfolding tragedy in locked-down Delhi

Poet Eliana Hernandez eulogises the 2000 El Salido massacre in La Mata.

Marco Sconocchia photographs an unhoused community in Rome

Brenda Peynado’s fantastical fiction What We Lost takes the form of a testimony, narrating as local townspeople begin to lose body parts one at a time.

All this and more in issue 13.