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Canvas and Cassette

Canvas and Cassette Summer 2021

Canvas & Cassette is an illustrated bookazine made in New York State. It's filled with interviews and stories of women pursuing their creative passions, whether that's music, art, poetry, astrology or rollerskating. The aim of Canvas & Cassette is to find a community, discover new ideas and feel inspired 'to fill your days doing the things you love.'

Inside this issue:

Whimsical artist, Sami Cronk talks about making art during lockdown and creating pieces that bring a bit of joy.

Sarah Potter talks about 'colour magic' and the power of fashion to transform any situation into 'something out of a dream'

Musician and publisher, Attia Taylor, talks about going from working at Planned Parenthood to running her own magazine about women's health and social justice. 

There are also sustainable textile designers, herbalists, writers, photographers and more. 

Beautiful, laid back and hugely uplifting.