Command+i: Scotland II

This guide contains a selection of our favourite colour combinations drawn from locations all around the world. Each photograph has been meticulously studied and sampled to provide a unique set of colours that both takes inspiration from and appreciates our natural world. We hope that designers across a whole range of industries, from graphic and interior to fashion and ceramics, can use these combinations to add value to their own work and derive a deeper connection with their surroundings.

Command+i Magazine’s latest issue delves deeper into Scotland’s evocative colourscape, showcasing 24 brand new combinations that explore the cliffs of Dunnottar to the grass of the Pentlands— and everything in between. This beautifully fresh and vibrant colour guide has been crafted with the finest paper by our British printing partners, Taylor Brothers who specialise in world-class print publications and editorials. Using an esteemed lithographic printing method allows a luxury finish and tone accuracy that makes this magazine worthy of any coffee table or designer's studio shelf.

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