Contra Issue 03 Ruin

Meet the Makers:

Contra is a not-for-profit magazine and arts organisation that explores the complex relationship between visual culture and conflict. Through printed publications, community outreach projects and an events programme, we aim to raise awareness of various forms of conflict while investigating the role of the image.

We work in print because it is a unique medium to explore issues in a considered and thoughtful way. It offers a chance to focus in on a complex individual story, and provides a break from the fast-paced world of digital media. It encourages us to pause and consider an issue we might not have previously come across.

Issue 03 Ruin, published in November 2020, offers a fresh interpretation of the theme of ruin, bringing together stories of destruction and demise, but also of revival and regeneration. Contributors include Simon Norfolk, Cornelia Parker, Nadav Kander, Michael Rakowitz, Keith Piper, Giles Price, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Sonia Boyce, Nick Brandt, Alina Negoita, the Gentle Author and many more.