Cranked Issue 25

The quarterly mountain biking magazine created by mountain bikers.

Cranked #25 is all about mixing it up. A Scotsman exiled in Spain gathers together some mates to test lockdown legs on a multi-day adventure, while a young Canadian brings snowboard style and attitude to mountain bike riding and a Scottish BMXer discovers that big wheels behave differently in the air. Meanwhile, Geoff Waugh talks to (probably) the nicest man in mountain biking, Steve Behr slows down, Pete Scullion discovers there’s more to a Scottish Munro than meets the eye and two old friends who probably ought to know better set up a bike company. It’s unmissable.

  • Dylan Siggers – adults are stupid. Word.
  • Adventure – getting away from it all in the mountains
  • Nick Craig – legends aren’t born, they’re made out of gritstone and determination and all things nice
  • Elsie & Adam – a little helping hand. Er, leg.
  • Attraction – science, politics and mountain biking meet on a Scottish Munro