Cranked Issue 27

The quarterly mountain biking magazine created by mountain bikers.

Cranked #27 is the ‘risk’ issue. We meet the couple who put everything on the line to pursue a life spent riding bikes and distilling gin, just because they could. Gee Atherton talks exclusively to Cranked about what motivates him to ride that fine line between success and disaster, even when he sometimes falls the wrong side of it. Ric McLaughlin ponders whether we’re living through a caffeine-fuelled extreme sports hangover. And Sam Dugon watches a bunch of women make freeride history. And also:

  • Island Life – fluid Pacific northwest trail hunting
  • Back to the bone – 36 hours of gritty sleep deprivation, because why?
  • Europe’s Last Wilderness: riding the reindeer herding routes
  • It’s Not About The Bike Parts – Jo Burt on anodised nostalgia
  • Stuck in the loop – 300km of Cairngorms, served cold