Dàme Issue 3

Dàme is a new magazine from Italy created by Sara Augugliaro. With issue 1 about bellies, issue 2 about legs and now issue 3 all about hair, Dàme talks to women about their experiences of their bodies, with the aim of normalisation and acceptance in a world where the media's representation can be skewed and damaging. 

Bilingual with each feature written in both Italian and English. 

Dàme 03 is about hair. What does hair represent for a person? And what does hair say about a person and the society they live in? Hair can give a sense of pride, it can evoke feelings of shame, touch on questions of religion, power, politics, sexuality and gender. Inside they dive into the cultural meanings, debate and taboos around alopecia, greying hair, red heads, afro hair, the hijab and discuss the role fashion and culture shape perceptions of our hair.