Disegno #33

Disegno is a quarterly journal devoted to design and its impact on the world.

Expect in-depth writing and photography covering all design fields as well as the social forces that shape, and are shaped by, the discipline.

Disegno #33:

Sabine Marcelis’s chromatic overhaul of the Vitra Design Museum’s permanent collection; a study of technofossils and how design is coping with its deep time traces; All in Awe and Eva Feldkamp’s manifesto for altruistic design; a joyful journey into the studio of Yinka Ilori; a history of Swiss aluminium, told through the sand-cast furniture of Ville Kokkonen and Moritz Schmid; the dangers of design futures, explored at the Smithsonian Institution; a new physical form for radio, courtesy of Industrial Facility; and a report from the beta testing process for OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center.