Eaten No.18 Desserts

EATEN is a beautifully designed print magazine focused on everything food history.

Published three times a year, each issue is filled with "a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries."

No. 18 Autumn 23 

As a reward for eating all your vegetables in the last issue, treat yourself to some DESSERT in No. 18. You'll find the history of the (non-existent) Betty Crocker and the fascinating story of 57 year old activist and baker, Mary Jane Rathbun, who risked jail to bake marijuana brownies for AIDS patients in 80s San Francisco. Plus, how sugar has transformed our politics, the importance of ice-cream in Castro's Cuba, the disputed origins of the pavlova and much more. 

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