Eaten No.3 Rare

EATEN is a beautifully designed print magazine focused on everything food history.

Published three times a year, each issue is filled with "a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries."

EATEN No. 3: Rare showcases the unique and the unusual from kitchens' past, from the near disappearance of a striking American pepper to the saga of the priceless pearl pickles of Australia and the origins of Belgium's best (and rarest) beef. (Summer/Autumn 2018)

        Laurel Randolph on the Fine Wines of Los Angeles
        Declan Henesey on Eating the Exotic in Victorian England
        Maite Gomez-Rejón on Mexico's First Female Cookbook Author
        Victoria Flexner on Grains of Paradise in the Medieval World
        ...and more!This price includes shipping worldwide! 

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