European Review of Books

European Review of Books #4

The ERB is a magazine of culture and ideas from The Netherlands, publishing three times a year. Under each bright coloured cover, you'll find book reviews yes but also fiction, travelogue, poetry, parody and who knows what else. All with the ERB’s remarkable print design: turn the pages to read, but cut the pages for a second layer of depth and digression.

Issue 4

Ali Smith on Virginia Woolf. George Blaustein on Schwarzeneggerology. The most important unreviewed books of our times (all four volumes of Xi Jinping's The Governance of China), reviewed. You also won't want to miss Issue Four's inquiries into peripheral Europe, Paleolithic art, ancient mining practices and medieval darlings. Nor its stories about Jim Jarmusch, a Polish graveyard, a Greek island, Italian post-pandemic life and Ukrainian longing. Plus: some truly bad writing advice.