Faire Issue 2

Crafting a Creative Life

From the publisher:

In today’s world of social media, creative work can happily reach a global audience, but many artists find it creatively debilitating. Work is reduced to “content,” and everything becomes ephemeral and forgettable...

At FAIRE, we want to create something joyfully physical, something to be treasured, a magazine you take your time to read and return to in moments of reflection.

Considered and intimate long-form stories that bring us into artists’ homes and creative spaces; stories of slowing down, creating with intention, community and collaboration, and examining the twists and turns of creative lives and how to finally find your voice.

Issue 3 celebrates partnership and collaboration. Inside, a Swedish baker and photographer share what makes them artistically tick, there's a look inside the beautiful atelier 'La Maison du Pastel' (founded in 1790), and meet a Brighton based artist with synesthesia who talks about how the blending of senses helps inspire her work.