Fare Issue 12: Copenhagen

Each issue of this biannual mag brings a different different city to life, exploring the culture through its food, history and community. With many local writers, photographers and illustrators, you are immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and creative spirit of each city. 

From the publisher:

In this issue we explore how Copenhagen progressed into the city it is today, and its status as one of the most exciting culinary destinations in Europe. From world-class bakeries to Michelin-star restaurants, refined plates of smørrebrød to late-night flæskesteg sandwiches, in this issue we explore both the “cool” and the classic in the Danish capital. 

We also journey into the city's most unique creative spaces, such as the Flora Danica workshop, where a small handful of artisans create some of the world's most precious porcelain by hand, or the noma test kitchen, where a talented team develops all of the dishes for the renowned restaurant.


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