Fare Issue 13: Budapest

Each issue of this biannual mag brings a different different city to life, exploring the culture through its food, history and community. With many local writers, photographers and illustrators, you are immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and creative spirit of each city.  

In issue 13, they explore the historic city of Budapest. Ruled by Romans then Ottomans, destroyed and rebuilt after World War II, Budapest has a fascinating history. 

Inside they explore the famous bathhouses and iconic restaurants from the fine-dining Rosenstein to Lángos fast food in the Hunyadi tér market. They discover 'ruin bars' set up in dilapidated pre-war buildings, city traditions like hot meals from the butchers and the city-wide garbage disposal day. You'll also find personal essays on the Bambi café, Hungarian children's tv and the history of the Elisabeth bridge.


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