Fieldfare Issue 2

About the Makers.

We are two creatives who met via Instagram in 2016: Mendy Waits (@angrybaker) has a background as a photographer and Skye O’Neill (@skyeoneill)’s professional background is in book publishing. As our experience on Instagram became less enjoyable over the years, we began asking ourselves, “What’s the point?” Why are we continuing to make content for an app that has changed beyond recognition for many of its users? Or for brands that treat our work as if it’s expired seconds after it’s seen? The global pandemic exacerbated these feelings of futility and as the world emerged from lockdown we decided we wanted to create something more tangible and meaningful, something longer lasting. We wanted to pause and appreciate not only photos, but also to pay homage to places, people, and moments that contribute to our sense of community, wherever it is and whoever constitutes our feeling of belonging. We wanted to tell stories of home and self and not Like Counts. We wanted deeper conversations about the places where we feel connection and to explore our interest in how identity is rooted and expressed in that attachment. We wanted print.

Issue 2 of Fieldfare explores the idea of transience.

We discover the landscapes of West TexasSpinalonga in Greece and Calabria in Italy. We visit a micro-apartment in Paris and the home of 18th-century silk designer Anna Maria Garthwaite in Spitalfields, London. We explore São Lourenço do Barrocal in the Alentejo region of Portugal, Kinloch Lodge on the Isle of Skye and the gardens of Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire. We hear from Afghan women's footballer Khalida Popal and visit the home of author Ingrid Weir in Hill End, New South Wales. We discover the encaustic art of Shannon Carlson, the lockdown portraits of Roseann Bath and the connection between food and identity in Taiwan with pastry chef and author Ying C. We contemplate themes of exploreimpermanenceseeknurture and connection.

Insta: @fieldfarepress

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