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Flourish Volume 2

Flourish Volume 2: Wise Ideas for Living Well

A new wellbeing bookazine from The Simple Things. Health and happiness are all about balance, but we know that when things get busy it's easy to forget to look after yourself. In this second volume of Flourish, we've gathered some of our favourite ideas from The Simple Things and Oh magazines.

Over 196 beautiful pages, you can find ways to bring more CHEER and joy into your day, or moments of peace and CALM. You'll discover how to NOURISH your mind and body with food, nature and new experiences, receive advice on how to CONNECT with others, nurture your relationships and be part of a community. And feed your sense of WONDER with articles about staying curious and feeding your brain.

We hope that reading Flourish will remind you of what makes you feel good. Because, as one of our wise contributors says, 'You can't just keep pouring out like a teapot, you've got to fill back up."

This bookazine is an anthology of articles first printed in The Simple Things 2014-2018 and Oh magazine 2019-2021. Curated, updated and edited by Rebecca Frank, wellbeing editor of The Simple Things

Missed the first edition Flourish: A Year of Living Well? You can buy thathere. 

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