Foyer Issue 3

Foyer celebrates a meeting of cultures - blending memoir, fiction, essays, recipes and more from people of mixed, third culture and second generation cultural heritage. Issue 3 is a chunkier one with almost 200 pages on the theme of nature and culture. 

From the publisher:

Issue 03, we discover how a scientist connects to nature by making paper flowers, find out about olfactory art, and how a ceramic artist brings nature into her art and life. Through photo essays, we explore natural surroundings through the eyes of displaced children in south-east Turkey with film photography, study a garden in bloom, understand the street cycling culture Bikelife, and think about resource exploitation in the borderlands of Italy. By way of ingredients and recipes, we experience the Brazilian concept of ‘saudade’, appreciate the powers of seaweed pesto, drink ancestral healing blends from Colombian women, and learn how to pickle - Indian style! The theme of water takes us from swimming pools in London, finding a treasure hunter in the Philippines, to understanding water rituals in Morocco. We venture to Czech Republic to understand the intricacies of mushroom foraging, how trips to Guatemala and Dharamsala change how you view your life, and delve into how Laotians embed seasonality and foraging into their culture. We unearth cultural crossovers through place by way of art installations in UK pubs and how the Baltic Sea brings comfort and knowledge. Tips are given on how to incorporate gardening into your working day, and Q&As with chefs and artists provide insights into nature’s everyday impact on our lives and how we live today.