Freelancer Magazine Issue Three

Freelancer is a new quarterly business and lifestyle magazine for freelancers. Started by Sophie Cross in early 2021 and funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Discovery Issue

Inside Issue Three!

Do Give Up Your Day Job // Streaming on Twitch // How Do I… Get Better Clients? // Let’s Talk About Sex Work // Influencing on Instagram // Culture Vultures // A Day in the Life of… Jilly Cross // Meditation // Tarot Reading // The Herstorian // So You Want to be a… Translator? // Do I Need… a Newsletter? // Money & Mortgages // Freelancer Stats // Mental Health // Physical Health // Get Into Bed With Google // Pets // It’s Not Unusual to be a Freelancer Unless You’re a… // Freelance Events Calendar // Family // The Best Book Subs // Top of the Shops // What We’re Listening To // What We’re Reading // What We’re Learning // Newsletter Love // Your Emails // The Freelancer Diaries // Food for Freelancers // 3 O’Clock Somewhere // Issue 3 Playlist